How Do You Make a U-Part Wig?

How Do You Make a U-Part Wig?

To make a U-part wig, secure the wig cap on a foam wig head, and stitch in the back extension pieces. Create a U-shape at the top until the desired U-part is achieved.

  1. Pin the wig cap in place

    Put the wig cap on the foam wig head. Use pins to secure the cap all along the perimeter.

  2. Prepare the materials

    Thread a needle with thread similar in color to the hair. Double up the thread for extra reinforcement. Comb out the hair.

  3. Start sewing the hair on

    Pin the first extension of hair in place on the weft. Start at one end, and start stitching the weft to the wig cap, doubling stitches for reinforcement. Keep the hair free of the stitching. Continue this process for all the hair in back.

  4. Lay hair extensions in a U shape

    Once you get to the crown, create a U shape with the weft with the opening facing the front. Ensure the U-shape is centered, and pin the extension into place. Stitch the extension to the wig cap.

  5. Continue the U-shape

    For the next row, place the U shape a little forward of the first but still centered. Pin, then stitch into place. The U-part should decrease in size. Repeat this procedure for successive extensions until you reach the desired size of the U-part.

  6. Complete the wig

    Firmly knot the thread around the end of the weft. Cut off excess hair. Leaving a small margin, trim away the visible wig cap in the U-part.