How Do You Make Twisted Cornrows?

How Do You Make Twisted Cornrows?

To make twisted cornrows, part damp hair into small sections starting from the middle, and twist tightly from the forehead down the back of the head. Make sure that the rows stay tightly attached to the scalp. Secure each row with a bobby pin and a clip.

  1. Part hair into small sections

    Start with damp hair to avoid messy, flyaway hair. Working from the middle of the forehead, separate your hair into sections. Do as many sections as you want.

  2. Twist a section

    Work with one hair section at a time. Hold the section outwards from the scalp and twist the hair away from the forehead. Move the twist down the head, keeping the twists tightly connected to the scalp. A tighter twist results in a neater look. Make sure not to include hair from neighboring sections.

  3. Secure the section

    Use a bobby pin or a clip to secure the finished twisted row. You can use both to ensure that the row doesn't come unrolled due to movement or wind.

  4. Repeat with other hair sections

    Repeat the twisting step for all the other prepared sections, making sure to do each row in the same direction. Maintain a constant distance between each twist, and secure each row like the first.