How Do You Make a Turtle Backpack?

How Do You Make a Turtle Backpack?

To make a turtle backpack, select a pillow-belly stuffed turtle such as Mr. Shigglesworth, measure and cut straps, remove the pillow stuffing, and attach the straps to the shell of the turtle. If desired, add embroidery for personalization. Making a turtle backpack takes roughly an hour and requires a body-pillow stuffed turtle, heavy material for straps, pins, a hot iron, thread and either a needle or a sewing machine.

  1. Take measurements

    Start with a backpack that fits the intended wearer. Adjust the straps so that the pack fits snugly, and measure their length. Add 2 inches to this length.

  2. Cut the straps

    Mark the taken measurements on the strap material. Cut straight across.

  3. Stitch the strap

    Fold back 1/2 inch on either end of each strap. Pin in place, and press. Stitch the hem, which adds stability when the strap is attached to the backpack.

  4. Embroider the stuffed turtle

    While it is not necessary, adding embroidery to the stuffed turtle make it more personalized. Remove the stuffing pillow from inside, and stretch the fabric across a hoop. Embroider the desired design, remove the hoop and trim the thread ends.

  5. Place the straps

    Pin the top of one strap on the turtle's shoulder to the bottom near the turtle's bottom leg. Repeat this procedure on the other side. Try the backpack on to ensure proper placement of the straps, adjusting if necessary.

  6. Sew on the straps

    Either hand-stitch or machine-stitch the straps in place.