How Do You Make a Turban?

How Do You Make a Turban?

How Do You Make a Turban?

To make a turban, begin with a large scarf, and drape the scarf evenly over your head. Twist the two ends around each other twice in front of your head, pull the ends around you head, tie the ends and tuck in the loose bits to finish. Tying a turban only takes a couple minutes and requires a large, oblong scarf or a large square scarf.

  1. Begin with a scarf

    Choose a scarf to make your turban. You can use a large, rectangular scarf or a large, square silk scarf.

  2. Drape the scarf over your head

    Position the scarf on your head so that your head is in the middle of the scarf. Make sure that the scarf covers a portion of your forehead. If you are using a square scarf, fold it in half to make a triangle, and drape the point over your forehead.

  3. Twist and tie the ends of the scarf

    Pull the two ends of the scarf in front of your head, and twist them around each other twice. Pull the ends around to the back, and tie them together at the base of your head.

  4. Tuck in the loose sections of the scarf

    Finish your turban by tucking in the loose bits. If you use a square silk scarf, tuck the point over the twist above your forehead. Smooth out any wrinkled sections by tucking them under the twisted portion of the turban.