How Do You Make a Tulle Tutu?

How Do You Make a Tulle Tutu?

To make a tulle tutu, cut strips of tulle, loop them around a length of elastic and sew the ends of the elastic together. The supplies you need for this two-hour project are sewing shears, a measuring tape, a piece of paper, a pencil, 2 to 8 yards of tulle, a yard of elastic, a mirror, sewing thread and a large needle.

  1. Measure the waist

    Wrap the measuring tape snugly around the waist of the intended tutu wearer, and record the measurement.

  2. Cut the elastic

    Measure a length of elastic equal to the waist measurement, and subtract 4 inches. Pull the elastic around the waist to determine if it is comfortable. For a tighter fit, subtract an additional inch. Cut the elastic when you are satisfied with the fit.

  3. Measure the length of the tutu

    Hold one end of the tape measure at the wearer's natural waist, and let the other end fall to the floor. Decide where you want the hem of the tutu to fall, and record the corresponding measurement.

  4. Cut the tulle

    Cut 2-inch strips of tulle that are twice as long as the tutu's desired length. Most adult tutus require about 20 strips.

  5. Tie the tulle to the elastic

    Fold one tulle strip in half lengthwise, and lay it on your work surface with the fold at the top. Lay the elastic band across the strip, about 2 inches from the fold. Gather the ends of the tulle, bring them up over the elastic, and slip them through the folded loop on the other side. Tug the ends to tighten the fabric around the elastic. Repeat with the remaining tulle strips.

  6. Try on the tutu

    Pick up the tutu, wrap it around the person's waist and hold the ends of the elastic together. Examine your work. If you want to add more tulle, cut and attach additional strips.

  7. Sew the waistband

    Fold the tutu in half with the wrong side facing out. Thread a needle, and sew the ends of the elastic together. Trim the thread, and turn the finished tutu right side out.