How Do You Make a Tudor Ruff?

You can create a Tudor ruff worthy of Shakespeare using adding machine paper, a single-hole puncher and a length of ribbon. For a fancier ruff, add lace.

  1. Fold the adding machine paper

    Adding machine paper is typically used in office calculators. It is about 2 inches wide, which is the preferred width for this project. If you do not have any adding machine paper on hand, make your own makeshift version by cutting regular paper into 2-inch wide strips and taping the strips together. You need a length of 3 feet of either adding machine paper or taped strips. Fold the paper lengthwise at 2-inch intervals so that it looks like an accordion. To make a fancier Tudor ruff, glue lace along the length of the adding machine paper. If lace is used, make sure that the glue has dried before making the accordion folds.

  2. Punch a hole

    Use the single-hole puncher to create a hole that runs through the middle of the folded paper.

  3. Add ribbon

    Take the length of ribbon, and run it through the hole. Allow the paper to fan out so that it resembles an accordion-style Tudor ruff. Tie the ribbon at the back of the neck to secure the ruff.