How Do I Make a Toga From a Sheet?

make-toga-sheet Credit: Siri Stafford/Stone/Getty Images

There are numerous ways to turn a bed sheet into a toga because there are many different toga styles. For the simplest toga style using a bed sheet, wrap the sheet around you horizontally around your waist, and then throw the rest of the sheet across either shoulder. This style can be modified to work for both men and women.

  1. Choose a twin-size bed sheet

    Hold the bed sheet so that it is horizontal, and wrap it around your waist once or twice, leaving enough sheet to throw over your shoulder. Wrap the sheet above the waist or over the chest for more coverage if desired.

  2. Pin the sheet

    Use one or two safety pins to pin the sheet wrapped around your waist to hold it in place.

  3. Drape the remaining sheet over your shoulder

    Lift the rest of the hanging sheet and drape it across your chest and over one shoulder. There should be enough sheet so that the excess reaches the waist in the back when thrown over the shoulder. Women can adjust the sheet going over one shoulder so that it completely covers the chest.

  4. Tuck the excess into your waist

    Insert the rest of the sheet hanging over your shoulder into the waist. Secure it with safety pins. Women can pull any excess sheet tight and securely tuck and pin it into the waist to keep the chest area covered.