How Do You Make a Toga for Kids?

make-toga-kids Credit: Cyndi Monaghan/Moment Open/Getty Images

To make a toga for children, purchase approximately 4 yards of white fabric, five to 10 large safety pins, a white undershirt, shorts and sandals. Optionally, add gold embellishments, greenery or a wooden sword. The costume takes no longer than one hour to complete.

  1. Pin one end of the fabric to the child's waist

    Ensure that your child is wearing the white undershirt and shorts as you pin one end of the 4-yard-long fabric to his or her waistline.

  2. Wrap the fabric lengthwise around the child

    Wrap the fabric around your child's waist loosely one time, ensuring it comes to knee-length. Pin the fabric again to the waist on either the right or left side.

  3. Toss the remaining fabric over the opposite shoulder

    The remaining loose fabric should hang over the shoulder opposite to the last pin. Pin the fabric again to the waist where it falls loosely, and ensure it does not fall below knees. If it does, wrap extra fabric around the waist again, and pin it securely.

  4. Embellish with gold rope, greenery or wooden sword accessories

    Gather the fabric at the shoulder, and tie it with a gold rope or pin. Use green ivy-type leaves to accent the toga by wearing as a crown in the hair or pinned to the toga. Tie a gold or colored rope around the waist, and if you like, give your child a wooden sword. After all accessories are on, have the child put on the sandals to complete the costume.