How Do You Make Tie Dye Nails?

How Do You Make Tie Dye Nails?

Make tie-dyed nails by applying a base coat of clear polish followed by two coats of white polish. Make a mixture of warm water and various colors of nail polish, create a pattern, and dip your nails.

  1. Apply the base coat

    Apply a base coat of clear polish. Follow up with two coat of white polish, and allow the polish to dry completely.

  2. Cover the edges of the nail

    Cover the edges of the nails using petroleum jelly or tape. Make sure that all the skin surrounding the nail is covered. This is to protect the skin from errant nail polish.

  3. Create the tie-dye mixture

    Pour warm water into a bowl, and add a drop of your preferred shade of nail polish. The polish spreads into a circle. Add a drop of a different colored polish onto the center of that circle. Wait for the polish to spread, and add a third or fourth color. Repeat the process, starting with the first polish, and wait for the polish to spread each time before adding a new drop. Ensure that each color is dipped twice.

  4. Create a pattern

    Use a toothpick to gently swirl the colors around to create the desired pattern. An easy pattern for a first-timer is to start at the center of the circle, and pull the toothpick toward the edge. Repeat the process, starting from the center, and work your way toward a different edge.

  5. Dip the nails

    Dip your nails, one at a time, onto the surface of the mixture where the polish floats on the water. Dip each finger for at least one minute.

  6. Dry the nails

    Allow your nails to dry completely. Remove the petroleum jelly or tape, and apply one coat of a clear top polish.