How Do You Make a Tattoo Transfer?

To make a tattoo transfer, select a design, reverse it, print it on tattoo-transfer paper, cut it out, place it on your skin, cover it with a wet cloth, and peel away the paper backing. This 15-minute process requires a computer, a printer, tattoo-transfer paper, scissors, a washcloth and water.

  1. Select and print your design

    Select your design, load it into a photo-editing program, and create a mirror image of it. This is most crucial for designs with text, which otherwise appear backwards. Load a sheet of tattoo-transfer paper into your printer with the adhesive side down. This ensures that the tattoo prints on the correct side.

  2. Cut and position the tattoo paper

    Cut around your design with scissors, removing as much of the surrounding paper as possible. Moisten your skin, and place the paper on it with the printed side down.

  3. Wet the paper

    Cover the tattoo with a washcloth soaked in lukewarm water. Leave the washcloth on for 60 seconds, press on it, and slide it away from the tattoo. If the paper backing does not come off right away, dip the washcloth in water and set it back on the tattoo paper. Wait two minutes, and try to remove the backing again.