How Do I Make My Tan Last Longer?

make-tan-last-longer Credit: ONOKY - Fabrice LEROUGE/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The key to making a tan last is maintaining the top, tanned layer of skin. To effectively do this, there are several steps you can take both before and after tanning to protect and extend the life of this skin.

  1. Start with smooth, scrubbed skin

    Because skin regenerates every couple of weeks, it's important to start with a fresh layer of skin. Exfoliate prior to tanning in order to ensure a fresh layer of skin is exposed. A multitude of products are available for exfoliating, including salt or honey scrubs.

  2. Hydrate skin from the inside out

    The skin is an organ, so it benefits from hydration just as the rest of the body. Stay hydrated to extend the life of the top layer of skin.

  3. Moisturize the skin

    Moisturize the skin daily using a lotion or after-sun cream.

  4. Avoid waxing or exfoliating post-tanning

    Once you have tanned your skin, don't exfoliate or wax the skin, as doing so removes the top layer of skin that boasts the desired glow.