How Do You Make a T-Shirt Scarf?

How Do You Make a T-Shirt Scarf?

Make an infinity scarf out of a T-shirt by cutting off the bottom half of the shirt, bleaching it to create an ombre effect, stretching it and wearing it. To create an infinity scarf, you need a T-shirt, a pair of scissors, a bowl, water and bleach.

  1. Cut the T-shirt

    Lay the shirt on a flat surface. Cut the hem off the T-shirt. Cut the body of the shirt straight across under the arms. Don't worry if the cuts aren't completely straight.

  2. Bleach the shirt

    Mix equal parts of bleach and water. Pour the mixture into the bowl. Drape the T-shirt halfway into the bowl so that only half of it is bleached. Once part of the T-shirt has lightened, pull more of the shirt out of the bowl and add more bleach. Soak it another 10 minutes.

  3. Stretch and wear the scarf

    Pull the T-shirt out of the bowl, and dry it in a dryer. Stretch the shirt out, and roll the edges. Place it over your head, cross it over to form a figure-eight, and then pull the second loop over your head to wear it as an infinity scarf. Wear two infinity scarves of different colors for a unique look.