How Do You Make a Survival Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Survival Bracelet?

To make a survival bracelet, knot a cord to one side buckle, use the other side buckle to size the bracelet, weave back and forth with knots and seal the ends with a lighter. Making a survival bracelet takes roughly 30 minutes and requires 13 feet of paracord, a side release buckle, scissors and a lighter.

  1. Attach the cord to the buckle

    Fold the cord in half and slip the loop through the hoop of the buckle. Insert the ends of the cord through the loop and pull. This creates a knot that secures the cord to the buckle.

  2. Size the bracelet

    Insert the ends of the cord through the hoop of the other half of the buckle. Adjust it to the desired length. Set the bracelet down on a tabl, and fold the ends of the cord back toward the first buckle.

  3. Start the weave

    Pick up the bracelet. Hold the bracelet just under the knot on the first buckle. Grip all four parts of the cord so that one free end is on the left and one on the right. Fold the left cord over the other three sections and around the back.

  4. Finish the first weave

    Weave the free left cord over the attached left cord, under the right attached cord and over the free right cord. Keep the right free cord under the left, but pull it over the right attached cord. Weave it under the left attached cord and through the loop on the left. Pull both free strands to tighten the knot.

  5. Repeat on the opposite side

    Weave the right free cord over the right attached, under the left attached and over the left free cords. Loop the left free cord over and weave back across. Pull to tighten and push the knots up to the top.

  6. Continue weaving

    Continue the above steps until you get to the bottom buckle.

  7. Finish the bracelet

    Pull the last knotted weave as tightly as possible. Use the lighter to seal the cord.