How Do You Make Straw Curls?

To curl your hair without rollers or a curling iron, all you need is a package of drinking straws and a set of bobby pins. Using the straws as makeshift curlers, you can get tight spiral curls.

  1. Section off hair

    Begin with clean, slightly damp hair. Take a small section of hair no wider than one inch in one hand and a straw in the other.

  2. Wrap your hair around the straw

    Wrap the section of hair around the straw, rolling it up toward your face.

  3. Tie the straw

    When the straw touches your head, tie it in a simple knot. If the hair feels like it may unravel, secure the straw with a bobby pin.

  4. Let the curls set

    Leave the straws in for several hours. If you sleep on them, wear a bandana or scarf to protect the straws.

  5. Unravel the curls

    Once the curls have set, you can untie the straws and unwind your hair. Style your new curls however you like.