How Do You Make Straight Hair Curly?

How Do You Make Straight Hair Curly?

One way to make straight hair curly is to put a permanent wave in the hair. After washing the hair, section it out, and wrap the sections in perm rods. Process the perm according to manufacturer's directions, making sure to rinse well.

  1. Wash the hair

    Use a shampoo formulated to remove build up to wash the hair. Do not follow with a conditioner. Towel-dry the hair.

  2. Divide the hair into sections

    Using a rat tail comb, make a part from one corner of the forehead all the way to the nape. Repeat this with the other corner. Divide this section into three equal segments, and clip. Make a part from the top of the ear to the center section, and clip the side out of the way. Repeat on the other side. Clip the remaining two sections out of the way.

  3. Prepare to wrap the perm

    Remove the clip from the nape section. Divide a section of hair the same depth as the chosen perm rod. Comb this section straight out from the head.

  4. Add the end papers

    Comb the section of hair over an end paper. Either fold the end paper to encase the ends of the hair, or top it with another end paper. Ensure the hair is not folded over within the end paper. Mist with a spray bottle.

  5. Wrap the perm

    Place the perm rod under the end paper. Making sure the ends of the hair do not fold, roll the rod under until it is nestled against the head. Secure with the clasp. Repeat this process for all the sections of hair.

  6. Process the perm

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing and applying the permanent wave solution. After processing the directed amount of time, rinse for a full five minutes, Blot the hair, and use the neutralizer as directed. Drop the rods before rinsing out the neutralizer.