How Do You Make Spoon Jewelry?

How Do You Make Spoon Jewelry?

Jewelry can be made out of spoons by bending and breaking the handles from the spoons and shaping the tips of the spoons so that pendants are formed. Making jewelry out of spoons can be a way to recycle old silverware without having to throw them away. Jewelry can also be made out of silver forks.

Step 1: Create the shape

To make a pendant out of an old spoon, first bend the handle of the spoon such that the handle breaks off from the tip. This is generally easier to do with an older, more flimsy spoon. Thicker spoons can be bent and broken when heated to high temperatures. Use forceps to then bend the broken part to create a hook.

Step 2: Decorate the spoon

Decorate the actual spoon with the desired pattern and colors.

Step 3: Finish the design

Finish the design by tying either a chain or a piece of string around the hook created in step 1 so that the spoon pendant can be worn as a necklace.

To make more complicated and elegant spoon pendants, a Dremel can be used to pierce patterns out of the spoon. Various patterns such as a star or a heart and embellishments can be added. The leftover handle can be bent to create fancy rings.