How Do You Make a Sock Bun?

To make a sock bun, cut the toe off a sock, roll it into a donut, put your hair into a ponytail, pull it through the donut, and roll it down to your scalp. This 10-minute procedure requires a sock, scissors, hairspray, a hair elastic and hair pins.

  1. Cut the sock

    Cut the toe end off of a clean sock. For the most natural-looking bun, choose a sock that is a similar color to your hair. Roll the sock into a donut.

  2. Make a ponytail

    Gather your hair into a ponytail, and secure it with an elastic band. Make the base of the ponytail at the place where you want the bun. Mist your ponytail with hairspray.

  3. Position the sock donut

    Mist the sock donut with hairspray, and slip the end of your ponytail through the middle of it. Dampening the fabric with hairspray makes it easier for your hair to grip it.

  4. Roll the donut down

    Roll the donut down to your scalp, wrapping your hair around it as you go. When the donut rests against your scalp, adjust your hair so that it completely covers the fabric.

  5. Pin the bun

    Spray the bun with hairspray, and pin it in place. Finish with a liberal mist of hairspray.