How Do You Make a Snake Costume?

Make an easy snake or serpent costume by attaching fangs, eyeballs and scales to a green sweat suit. This project takes up to a couple of hours depending on the amount of detail you add. You need a green hooded sweat suit, craft foam, fabric, hot glue and scissors.

  1. Create the eyes

    Cut out two circles from white craft foam. Cut out two much-smaller circles from green craft foam. Hot glue the green circles to the middle of the white foam circles.

  2. Cut out the fangs

    Cut out at least 12 sharp triangles from the white foam for the teeth. Make some of the triangles longer and sharper than the others.

  3. Create the scales

    Cut out irregular scale shapes from the green fabric and foam. Use different colors of green foam, and cut out different sizes. Place the different sizes of foam and fabric on top of each other in two or more layers, with the larger layers at the bottom. Glue them together.

  4. Assemble the costume

    Draw the hood over the head, and glue the eyes on top on either side of your head. Glue the teeth around the opening of the hood. Glue the assembled scales on the front of the sweatshirt on either side of the zipper. You can also place them on the back of the shirt and on the sweatpants.