How Do You Make a Skater Skirt?

How Do You Make a Skater Skirt?

To sew a skater skirt, take your measurements, and use them to make a pattern. Cut out the fabric, sew the sides together, add the zipper, create the waistband, and finish the hem.

  1. Measure for the pattern

    Measure around your waist, multiply the measurement by two, and then divide it by 6.28. Subtract 1/2 of an inch for the circumference of the waistband. Measure the desired length, and add 1 inch to account for the hem.

  2. Mark the waistline

    Lay a sheet of paper flat on a table. Measure down from the top-left corner the measurement for the circumference of the waistband. Start on the right side, and move in an arc to the left side, marking the same measurement every inch.

  3. Mark the hemline

    Start measuring from the top of the waistline, and mark the spot for the desired length of the skirt. Follow the same procedure to make an arc along the length of the skirt. Cut out the pattern.

  4. Measure and cut the waistband pattern

    Double the desired width of the waistband, and mark this in a separate paper. Add 1.5 inches for seam allowances. Add 3 inches to the measured length, and mark this on the paper. Cut the waistband pattern out.

  5. Cut out the fabric

    Place two lengths of fabric flat on the table, and pin the pattern on top. Keeping the fabric flat, cut along the outline of the pattern. Lay the waistband pattern on a single length of fabric, and cut it out.

  6. Prepare the fabric

    Stay-stitch the waistline of the skirt piece 1/2 inch away from the edge. Use a zigzag stitch at the bottom of the skirt to prevent the fabric from fraying.

  7. Sew the side seams

    Pin the skirt panels together. Mark a 1/2-inch seam on either side. Stitch the seam, and press it flat.

  8. Attach the zipper

    Using the zipper foot on the sewing machine, sew the zipper on the inside of the skirt so that the zip is facing out. Make sure the top of the zipper is even with the waistline. Press the seam flat, and topstitch it into place.

  9. Pin the waistband

    Turn the skirt right-side out. Pin the waistband to the waistline with the right sides together. Make sure the raw edges match.

  10. Sew the waistband

    Mark a 1/2-inch seam, and stitch the waistband into place. Double the waistband back onto itself, right sides together. Stitch the ends. Trim the seam, turn the waistband right-side out, and turn the raw edge under. Stitch into place.

  11. Finish the waistband

    Sew a hook-and-eye closure at the end of the waistband.

  12. Finish the hem

    Turn the hem up 1/2 of an inch, and press it flat. Turn another 1/2 of an inch, and press it flat. Use a blind stitch to sew the hem into place.