How Do You Make a Shoe Stretcher?

make-shoe-stretcher Credit: Ryan Pendleton/Moment Open/Getty Images

To make a shoe stretcher, simply fill a gallon-sized freezer food storage bag halfway with water, place the bag inside of the shoe, forcing the water all the way to the toe, place the shoe inside of the freezer for four to eight hours, and remove the ice from the shoe. This process takes about eight hours and only requires food storage bags, water and access to a freezer.

  1. Use a freezer bag

    Fill a gallon-sized freezer food storage bag halfway with water. Tightly close the freezer bag, removing as much air from the bag as possible.

  2. Place the bag inside the shoe

    Put the bag of water inside of the shoe. Make sure that the water is evenly distributed through the inside of the shoe. Force the water all the way down to the toe. For larger sizes, two bags of water may be needed to fill the shoe completely.

  3. Put the shoe in the freezer

    Place the shoe with the bag of water in the freezer. Allow the water to freeze completely, usually four to eight hours.

  4. Remove the ice

    Take the bags of ice out of the shoe when it is completely frozen. Repeat the process if the shoe is not stretched to the extent needed. When not wearing the shoe, place bags of silica gel inside of the shoe to absorb moisture and help prevent shrinking.