How Do You Make a Shamballa Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Shamballa Bracelet?

Making a shamballa bracelet involves threading 5 beads on cord that is knotted with basic macramé techniques. The tools needed are scissors, a blunt needle and craft glue (optional). A bracelet can typically be completed in 90 minutes or less.

  1. Prepare the cord

    Cut 20-pound bamboo, cotton or linen cord into four lengths: two 20-inch pieces, one 2-foot piece and one 6-foot piece. Tape the two 20-inch pieces of cord to a table or other work surface. Tie the 6-foot length at the center around the two pieces, about 6 inches from the top. Re-tape the cord just above the knot.

  2. Knot the cord

    The two 20-inch pieces of cord should be together in the center with 3 feet of the longer, knotted cord on either side. Take the long right strand over the center cords, leaving a loose loop on the right. Pass the left long cord over the right and then under the center pieces. Take the same strand back over the new loop, and then bring it through the loop. Pull the left and right strands at the same time until the knots have closed. Make sure to keep the center strands tight while closing the knot. Repeat these steps until 1 1/2 inches of knots have been created.

  3. Thread the beads

    Thread one 12-millimeter round bead onto the two center cords. Complete another four of the macramé knots described above. Repeat these two steps until you've added five 12-millimeter round beads. Add a dot of glue to the inside of each bead to keep it more secure. After the last bead, knot the cord until you have 1 1/2 inches of knots.

  4. Finish the bracelet

    Thread the ends of the left and right cords onto a blunt needle. Feed the needle through the last four knots. Pull the cord through, and trim the ends.

  5. Create the closure

    Remove the tape, and fold the ends of the bracelet over one another. Tie the 2-foot piece of cord around the four strands of the bracelet. Create 1/2 inch of the macramé knots with the 2-foot length of cord. Thread the loose end of the 2-foot piece on one side onto the blunt needle, and feed it through all the knots in the closure. Repeat for the other side, then trim the excess.

  6. Secure the closure

    Adjust the bracelet so that it fits over the largest part of your hand, then center the sliding closure. Tie an overhand knot on each side of the remaining loose ends. Thread another bead onto each end, and finish with another overhand knot to secure. Trim any excess.