How Do I Make Seaweed Soap?

How Do I Make Seaweed Soap?

Make seaweed soap by adding seaweed to a two-pound block of melt-and-pour soap base. Ready the soap, a cutting board, a food scale, a glass bowl, a large knife, a soap mold, scented oil, a mixing spoon, rubbing alcohol, a measuring spoon and a microwave. Have spirulina powder or nori sheets at hand. If you use nori sheets, you will need a blender as well.

  1. Make the base

    Chop the melt into small cubes on a cutting board with your knife. Place these cubes in a glass bowl, and put the glass bowl in the microwave. Melt the soap in 30-second increments, stirring after each round.

  2. Add scent to the base

    Weigh 26 grams of scented oil. Pour the oil into your soap base and stir to distribute the oil evenly.

  3. Add the seaweed

    Add several tablespoons of spirulina powder to the soap. Alternatively, blend two sheets of nori seaweed and add it to the soap base. Stir gently.

  4. Pour soap into the mold

    Pour the soap mixture into your soap mold. Spritz the soap with alcohol to remove air bubbles.

  5. Let the soap set

    Allow the soap to set. Speed the process by placing the mold in a refrigerator. Remove the soap from the mold when complete.