How Do You Make a Scrub Hat?


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To make a scrub hat, cut out a piece of fabric that is 12 by 30 inches and another that is 8 1/2 by 11 inches, sew the two pieces together, add an elastic band, and adjust the hat for an ideal fit. Making this hat requires pins, scissors, a sewing machine and thread, an iron and ironing board, and fabric.

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The bigger piece of fabric serves as the main body of the hat, while the smaller piece serves as the top. Take the big piece, and fold it hot-dog-style with the wrong sides touching. Flatten the fold along the bottom with an iron before turning the fabric inside-out, sewing along the two ends of the fabric and leaving the top open. Next, sew the ends closed, flip the fabric back out, and iron the ends flat. Take the end of the big piece of fabric that is closed, and make a 1.5-inch flap before ironing the fold.

Make an overlap with the two ends of about 2 1/2 inches, and sew down both ends. With the fold facing the outside, fold the big piece of fabric in half with the thicker end on the left. Fold the smaller piece of fabric in half with the flat part facing you. Carefully align the two fabrics' right sides together. Pin the fabric together along the edge of the whole hat while leaving the flat portion of the small piece of fabric unpinned.

After pinning the middle of the small piece of fabric to the middle of the big piece's thick portion, sew the fabric together, and add the elastic band.

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