How Do You Make a Ruffle Scarf?

How Do You Make a Ruffle Scarf?

To make a ruffle scarf, use a fishnet weave yarn to knit the length of scarf desired. Stretch out the weave, and knit the entire length before binding off and hemming the edge of the scarf.

  1. Prepare the yarn

    Untwist a length of specialty brand of yarn. Look for yarn with a fishnet weave, and stretch out the weave.

  2. Cast the yarn on

    Locate the end of the yarn, and fold it over 2 inches. Insert a knitting needle near the top of the folded edge. Weave it in and out the entire 2 inches.

  3. Knit the first row

    Turn the yarn on your needle. Stretch the width of the yard out to expose the weave. Use the top edge of the yarn a few threads from the top of the weave to knit with. Knit the stitches on your needle, and then turn the yarn on the needle.

  4. Knit the second row

    Stretch out more of the fishnet weave. Still working near the top edge of the yarn, knit two stitches. Leave 2 inches between the stitches. Turn the yarn on the needle again to begin a third row.

  5. Knit the scarf

    Continue knitting two stitches near the top of the yarn 2 inches apart. Stretch out the weave as you go along. Continue this process until you achieve the desired length of the scarf.

  6. Bind off the scarf

    Use the bind off technique to finish the end of the scarf. Cut the remaining yarn to 5 inches. Fold the edge 2 inches under, and sew it back to create a secure hem.