How Do You Make a Ring Sizer?


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Cut a strip of paper 3/4 inches wide and 6 inches long. Measure 1 13/16 inches from the short end of the strip, and make a mark. Make subsequent marks at 1/16-inch intervals until you reach 2 15/16. Label the marks from 4 to 13 in increments of one half.

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Wrap the strip of paper around your finger, starting with the end marked "4." Make sure that the strip of paper is wrapped snugly around your finger but stays loose enough to slide freely along the length of your finger. Allow the ends of the paper to overlap, and note the number on which the overlap falls. That number is your ring size.

You can also find your ring size wrapping a tape measure around your finger. Note the circumference of your finger in millimeters. Match the measurement to the corresponding ring size on a ring sizing chart like the one available at Cartier.com.

If you have small fingers, reduce the width of the strip so it fits securely on the base of your finger. If possible, take your ring measurement at the end of the day on a warm day. Fingers are smallest in the morning and can shrink in cold weather.

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