How Do You Make Rave Gloves?

How Do You Make Rave Gloves?

To make rave gloves, sew light-emitting diodes to the fingertips, attach coin-cell batteries to the backs of the gloves, and connect the components with conductive thread. This project takes about a day and requires a sewing needle, conductive thread, regular sewing thread, two coin-cell batteries, two coin-cell battery holders with integrated power switches, 10 small LEDs, fabric paint, a small paint brush and two cloth gloves.

  1. Attach the LEDs

    Thread the needle with regular thread, and sew the LEDs to the fingertips of both gloves.

  2. Attach the battery holders

    Sew the empty battery holders to the backs of the gloves.

  3. Form the electrical circuits

    Thread the needle with conductive thread, and sew connections between the positive LED terminals and the positive terminals on the battery holders. Connect the negative terminals in the same way. Sew the positive connections on the back side of each glove, and put the negative connections on the palm side.

  4. Insulate the gloves with fabric paint

    Daub a small amount of fabric paint over the conductive wire on the back of each glove. Give the paint 90 minutes to dry, flip the gloves over, and paint over the conductive wire on the palms.

  5. Load the batteries

    Place one coin-cell battery in each battery holder.

  6. Activate the gloves

    Put on the gloves, and flip the power switches.