How Do You Make a Purple Smokey Eye With Makeup?

How Do You Make a Purple Smokey Eye With Makeup?

There are many techniques for creating a purple smokey eye with makeup. This method takes under 10 minutes and requires black, purple, opal and white eyeshadows. You also need eyeshadow brushes, eyelid primer, black liquid eyeliner, black mascara and a black eyeliner pencil.

  1. Prime your eyelids

    Close your eyes and dab a tiny amount of eyeshadow primer on your eyelids, then close your eyes and blend the primer with your fingers. Keep your eyes closed for 20 seconds so the primer has time to dry.

  2. Apply a black base

    Apply liquid black eyeliner from your upper lash line to the crease of your eyelids.

  3. Apply purple eyeshadow

    Dip a medium eyeshadow brush into the purple shadow and dust it from your upper lash line to your brow bone. Dip a thin brush into the same color and pat the shadow along your lower lash line.

  4. Highlight your brow bone and inner eyelids

    Load a fluffy eye brush with opal eyeshadow and apply it to your brow bone. Use the blush to blend the purple eyeshadow up into the opal shade. Next, dip a thin brush into white eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corners of both eyes.

  5. Line your eyes

    Run a black eyeliner pencil along your upper and lower lashes.

  6. Apply mascara

    Place your mascara wand at the base of your upper lashes and wiggle it as you pull it up and out. Let the mascara dry for 20 seconds, then apply a second coat.