How Do You Make a Protein Treatment for Natural Hair?

How Do You Make a Protein Treatment for Natural Hair?

There are several ways and many ingredients available to make an effective protein treatment for natural hair. The most basic method includes using mayonnaise or eggs and avocados, which are applied to the hair for half an hour or less and then rinsed out before going to bed.

  1. Mix the ingredients

    Mix 2 tablespoons mayonnaise with half of a squashed avocado to the get the protein and oils from the mayo as well as the rich fat content of the avocado for smooth, damage-resistant hair. If you have no mayo, use an egg and 1 tablespoon of a natural oil of your choice, such as castor oil or olive oil, as a substitute. Mix well.

  2. Apply to hair

    Apply the mixture liberally to hair from root to tip. Leave in hair for up to half an hour. Overexposure can cause additional breakage and damage, so do not exceed the recommended time limit. After 30 minutes or less, rinse hair thoroughly. Don't shampoo until the next morning.

  3. Repeat regularly

    Consistency of treatment is dependent upon level of hair damage. Very damaged hair that is styled often should be treated a couple times a week. Slightly damaged hair should be treated only about once a month. Natural hair with little to no damage and limited styling can be treated every two to three months.