How Do You Make a Prairie Bonnet?


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To sew a prairie bonnet, determine the dimensions for the brim, the back of the hat, and the ties. Cut the pieces out of fabric, sew a horizontal channel across the crown, and thread a length of elastic through it to gather the back of the bonnet. Construct the brim and ties, and attach them to the bonnet. For an authentic pioneer look, make the hat out of a colorful cotton fabric with a small, all-over floral pattern.

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Measure the circumference of the head, subtract 2 inches from this length, and mark a square equal to the measurement on the fabric to create a crown. Fold the square in half, and cut a quarter circle off the top edge. Cut 1/2-inch deep notches on either side of the fabric, a fifth of the way from the bottom edge, followed by two 1/4-inch deep marks an inch above these. Trim two rectangles the same width as the square to form the brim, as well as two ties measuring 3 inches by 30 inches.

Fold the square fabric so that the two notches meet, and stitch along either side to form a casing. Feed a piece of elastic through the casing, and gather the back of the bonnet. Fold one brim piece in half two times, and cut a quarter circle on one end. Trim the second brim piece and interfacing to match the first brim. With the interfacing between them, stitch the two brim pieces right sides together along their curved edge, turn the fabric, and press.

Fold the raw edges of the ties inwards, press, and sew. Attach the ties to the wrong side of the bonnet, and create two rows of gathering stitches along the front of the hat. Stitch the brim to the front edge of the bonnet.

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