How Do You Make a Pageant Sash?

How Do You Make a Pageant Sash?

After cutting the appropriate length of wide satin ribbon, which is about 72 inches, sew on narrow trim ribbon lengthwise along both edges and then apply the appropriate iron-on letters running down the sash. The width, length and color of the sash vary depending on the height of the wearer and personal preference. After the sash has been made, it should be draped around the wearer and pinned to itself in the back to hold it in place.

Before making a pageant sash, gather scissors, pins and thread, iron-on letters with an iron, wide satin ribbon and a darker trim ribbon.

  1. Cut the ribbon.
  2. First, cut about 72 inches of wide satin ribbon and two 72-inch lengths of narrow trim ribbon.

  3. Sew the ribbon.
  4. Using a needle and thread, sew on the trim ribbon lengthwise along the edges of the wide ribbon. If necessary, cut along the edges to make the trim ribbon flush with the wide ribbon.

  5. Apply the letters.
  6. Use an iron to apply the appropriate iron-on letters running down the middle of the sash. The letters should be placed evenly so that when the sash is draped over the shoulder, all of the letters are still visible from the front.

  7. Pin the sash to the correct length.
  8. Drape the sash over the shoulder of the wearer and pin it together in the back at the appropriate length.