How Do You Make Your Own Poodle Skirt Applique?


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Make a poodle skirt applique by tracing a poodle silhouette onto a piece of felt, then cutting out the silhouette and sewing the applique onto the skirt. Alternatively, use fabric glue to adhere the applique to the skirt.

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A side profile of a poodle standing on all four legs is the traditional applique for a poodle skirt. Trace the poodle picture onto paper or card stock. Lay the pattern on a piece of felt and cut with scissors, using the silhouette as a guide. Attach the poodle to the skirt near the bottom hemline.

Traditionally, the iconic poodle skirt applique is black and white, but the simple design allows for variations in color and even type of animal. Optionally, add embellishments such as sequins, rickrack or ribbon as a collar or leash.

Thanks to the simple circle skirt and whimsical appliques, poodle skirts have been a popular do-it-yourself project since the 1950s. Invented by singer and actress turned fashion designer Juli Lynne Charlot, the poodle skirt quickly became a wardrobe staple for many 1950s women, especially teenage girls. The poodle skirt is an enduring icon of the 1950s, and today it is a popular novelty item for costumes and nostalgia wear.

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