How Do You Make Your Own Cucumber Melon Lotion?

make-own-cucumber-melon-lotion Credit: Tdo/Photodisc/Getty Images

It is a great experiment and a boon to your wallet to prepare your own lotion at home. Making your own cucumber melon lotion requires only a few ingredients and simple preparation.

  1. Gather all of the ingredients and tools

    You need a cucumber, a melon, emulsifying wax, a melon-flavored tea bag and olive oil to make your own cucumber melon lotion. The process goes more easily if you also collect a peeling knife, a food processor, a glass container and a spoon.

  2. Prepare the ingredients for use

    Peel the melon and the cucumber. Cut the cucumber and the melon in half. Remove the seeds, and cut the cucumber and melon into little pieces. Get ¼ cup of each. Put them in a food processor and blend them into a juice. Steep the melon-flavored tea bag in a cup of boiling water; five minutes is enough. Microwave ¼ cup of emulsifying wax until it becomes a liquid; 10 seconds should be enough.

  3. Mix the ingredients and use the lotion

    Mix all of the prepared ingredients with ¼ cup of olive oil. Stir the mixture until it is thick, and the lotion is ready. Spoon it into the glass container, and refrigerate it until you are ready to use it.