How Do You Make Your Own Cape?


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To make a cape, first procure a few yards of fabric, scissors, a sewing machine or kit, measuring tape and sewing chalk. Next, measure and cut the fabric to desired length and use scraps to make the ties.

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How Do You Make Your Own Cape?
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To measure the desired length, use a measuring tape from the shoulders to where the cape is desired to fall. The sewing chalk is for marking the lines. After the fabric is cut, the edges can be hemmed for a more refined look. Next, it needs to be gathered. This is done by sewing a straight stitch pattern 1/4 inch from the bottom. Be sure to leave plenty of extra thread on the end.

If using a sewing machine, set it to the longest thread option. After threading the edge, hold the extra thread while scrunching down the fabric on the other end. This is done until the desired shoulder length is achieved.

To make the cape ties, cut two 10-inch by 3-inch rectangles from the leftover fabric. Now, fold the two long edges to the center and then fold them in half. Another straight stitch is needed on the open end of the rectangles. To finish, stitch these to the inside of the cape.

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