How Do You Make Your Own Beanie?

How Do You Make Your Own Beanie?

Using an old sweatshirt or even a new fabric, you can make your very own beanie. All you need to do is to make the proper measurements, mark the fabric, cut the fabric and sew it together. You just have to make sure you have enough pins to hold both sides of the fabric in place for accurate sewing. You can also add personalized designs to your newly sewn beanie.

  1. Measure and cut

    Using a measuring tape, you must measure the circumference of your head. Adult head sizes usually range from 21 to about 23 inches. On an old sweatshirt or a new purchased fabric, measure 10 to 12 inches across the bottom of the fleece and cut the fabric out.

  2. Mark your fabric

    Turn your fabric inside out, and pin the seams. Using regular or tailor’s chalk, mark your fabric based on the measurements that you previously gathered. Draw the shape of a beanie, or you can download a pattern online.

  3. Cut and sew

    Cut the pattern out about 1 inch above the actual mark, pin the fabrics to hold them in place and sew along the edges. After sewing, turn the beanie inside out, and try it on!