How Do You Make a Necklace Holder?

How Do You Make a Necklace Holder?

To make a necklace hanger, you need a rake, a saw, a pliers, paint primer, spray paint and a paint seal. Select your rake, and cut off the handle. Sand and paint the rake. Add any decorations, and hang the rake. The entire process can take up to five hours.

  1. Select a garden rake

    Either use a rake that you already have at home, or go buy a brand new rake. The rake needs to have metal teeth.

  2. Cut the handle off of the rake

    Using a saw, cut the handle off of your rake right before the metal portion of the rake begins. If desired, remove the bottom casing of metal by cutting into the casing on one side. Use pliers to remove the remaining portion of the metal casing.

  3. Paint the rake

    Use a piece of sandpaper to slightly sand the metal teeth down before painting. Use a spray paint primer to thoroughly cover the rake, and apply a second coat if needed. Once the primer has dried, apply your preferred color of spray paint. Add as many coats as needed to achieve your desired color. Apply a finishing seal once the paint has dried.

  4. Add decorations, and hang your rake

    If desired, add decorations to your rake hanger by adding ribbon or twine. Hang your rake in your desired location, and hang necklaces from the teeth.