How Do You Make Your Nails Stronger?


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Fingernails are often damaged by water and chemical exposure, and they are strengthened by wearing gloves when washing dishes or clothes and by avoiding harsh chemicals. Drinking plenty of water, moisturizing cuticles and consuming some supplements, such as biotin, may also strengthen fingernails.

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Fingernails are very absorbent, so keeping them short minimizes the surface area that takes in harmful water and chemicals. The cuticles provide a barrier to protect contaminants from entering the nail bed; push them back and apply cuticle oil rather than trimming. Choose non-acetone polish remover, and instead of using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, wash hands with moisturizing soap. Biotin is the only supplement that has been proven to strengthen nails and should be taken for at least four months to see results, according to Dr. Oz.

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