How Do You Make Your Nails Longer?

How Do You Make Your Nails Longer?

Longer and stronger nails start with a healthy diet along with a biotin supplement. Additionally, apply moisturizer to your hands and cuticles throughout the day. Finally, apply a good base coat of nail polish to protect your nails, and do not wear fake nails.

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle

    Longer and stronger nails start from the inside out, with a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, a biotin supplement should be consumed daily, as the biotin can strengthen brittle nails and allow you to grow longer and healthier nails.

  2. Moisturize your hands

    Cold weather, air conditioning and household chores can dry out nails, cuticles and hands. By applying a quality cream or lotion several times a day, paying special attention to massaging the moisturizer into each nail's cuticles, you can help prevent dry and cracked nails and promote longer and stronger nails.

  3. Respect the manicure

    The first rule of a manicure is to start with a nourishing base coat. This not only protects the nails, but also moisturizes and smoothes the nails. The second rule is to file the nails into a rounded shape, as this makes the nails less likely to snag on anything and break off. The third rule of the manicure is to never peel nail polish off the nail, as this takes off part of the nail's surface. Finally, the fourth rule of the manicure for longer nails is to never wear fake nails.