How Do You Make Nails Grow Faster?


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Doctors have proven that there is no way for a person to make her nails grow faster, as they always grow at the same fixed rate, no matter what anyone tries to do. However, there are ways to make the nails stronger and healthier; doing this can help prevent them from breaking when they finally do get longer.

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Many of the supplements on the market that are promoted to help improve the look of a person's hair and nails can actually be effective at strengthening nails, especially if they contain vitamin B7, also known as biotin. Several studies have proven that biotin can help make brittle nails stronger, making it one of the best choices for improving nail health.

Keeping the nails well moisturized is another good method for keeping them healthy and allowing them to grow longer. However, harsh chemicals can definitely have the opposite effect and make the nails soft and brittle.

While there is no way to speed up nail growth, there are many ways to slow it down. Nails can start growing more slowly due to poor health, bad diet and smoking, while their rate of growth always gradually decreases with age. The one exception to all of this occurs when a woman becomes pregnant, as most women experience much more rapid nail growth throughout their pregnancies.

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