How Do You Make Nail Polish With a Matte Finish?

How Do You Make Nail Polish With a Matte Finish?

In order to make your own matte nail polish, mix a favorite nail polish color with cornstarch. The cornstarch and polish dries fast without the high sheen of regular nail polish. For best results and long-lasting polish, finish the manicure with a matte top coat.

The matte nail polish dries quickly, so start mix in small batches, making just enough to paint a few nails at a time.

  1. Drop the polish
  2. Pour a small puddle of nail polish onto wax paper or a similar protected work surface.

  3. Add the cornstarch
  4. Add a pinch or two of cornstarch on top of the nail polish.

  5. Mix the polish
  6. Mix the nail polish with a toothpick until the cornstarch is fully incorporated. Move the polish around a bit to check for any unmixed cornstarch. The nail polish can form air pockets around the cornstarch, but thorough mixing helps break up the pockets.

  7. Apply the polish
  8. Brush the nail polish onto fingernails immediately after mixing so that it does not dry on the work surface. Allow the polish to dry fully before mixing a new batch and continuing with the unpainted fingernails.

  9. Make matte top coat
  10. Mix cornstarch into a clear top coat polish following the same procedure as mixing it into colored nail polish. Brush the top coat onto the painted fingernails immediately. The matte effect on the colored polish would be lost if a high-sheen top coat were applied over the base color. The alternative is to skip a top coat altogether.