How Do You Make Nail Polish Dry Faster?


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Make nail polish dry faster by dunking hands into cold water, using a blow dryer or purchasing products designed to dry polish quickly when applied to a fresh manicure. Non-stick cooking spray also speeds the drying process.

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The easiest and least expensive method of quick drying is to allow painted nails to dry for two minutes, then dip the fingertips into the ice water and soak for a few minutes. This causes the polish to set faster. Another option is to spray the nails with non-stick cooking spray, wait three minutes and then wash off the spray. Polish can also be dried between coats using a hair dryer on the cool temperature setting.

Many polishes and top coats are available in a quick-dry version. There are also nail drying sprays and drops, which work very well for drying a thick manicure with many layers of polish.

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