How Do You Make a Nail Polish Color Chart?


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Methods to make a nail polish color chart include painting the polish onto a sheet of paper, painting onto a wheel or fan of acrylic nails or making a book of colors. Acrylic nail wheels and fans can be found at any beauty supply store.

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Buy a wheel or fan of clear acrylic nails, and paint each nail with the desired color. Transparent acrylic nails show the true color of the polish better than white acrylic. You may want to use a few coats of polish to get the best representation of the color. Once you have painted each nail, use a permanent marker to write a number on the back of the acrylic. Write down the number and the name of the nail polish on a separate sheet of paper to organize the nail polish collection.

Acrylic nail fans have a long stick that provides space to write on. Instead of labeling the nail polish colors in a separate book, you can write the name of the nail polish on the corresponding stick for easy organization.

Some beauty vendors also supply a book of acrylic nails with numbers underneath to help make organization easier. No matter which method you choose, it is an easier way to see what colors you have available.

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