How Do You Make a Muscle T-Shirt?

How Do You Make a Muscle T-Shirt?

A do-it-yourself muscle T-shirt by can be made by cutting off the sleeves and collar of an old short-sleeve T-shirt. Look for a shirt that is worn out yet still comfortable to wear.

A muscle T-shirt adds style to the summer wardrobe, makes for a great workout top and is a good way to reuse worn-out shirts. To create a DIY muscle T-shirt, all that is required is an old shirt and a sharp pair of scissors.

Step 1: Fold a T-shirt in half lengthwise and spread out on a flat surface.

Step 2:Cut the two sleeves off of the folded shirt along the shoulder seams. For a deeper opening on the muscle shirt, cut down part of the sides too. Clean up the cuts to make an even set of armholes.

Step 3:Trim away the collar of the T-shirt, if desired, for a more open look at the neck line. Clean up the cuts to create an even look.

Step 4:Finish by trimming the hem of the shirt to a desired length. Consider a longer muscle T-shirt to provide coverage while working out. A crop top is attractively paired with a form-fitting shirt or as a bathing suit cover.