How Do You Make Month Birthday Onesies?

How Do You Make Month Birthday Onesies?

Print the name of each month, or just one, onto t-shirt transfer paper, and iron it on to the onesies. With a t-shirt onesie, a template, an ink jet printer and an iron, this simple project can be completed in under an hour.

  1. Gather supplies

    Purchase one or more onesies in the desired size and color. Purchase t-shirt transfer paper from a craft or office supply store.

  2. Measure the onesie

    Measure across the chest of the onesie to determine the maximum width of the design. Also take a measurement from the neck to the bottom, if you are creating a larger design to cover the whole front of the onesie.

  3. Design the image

    If needed, download a template included with the t-shirt transfer paper. A simple design with the name of each month can easily be created in Microsoft Word. Use the text tool to customize the font, color, outline and shadow. To save paper, include several months on each page.

  4. Print the image

    With an ink jet printer, print the design onto the t-shirt transfer paper. Trim each design to remove any excess paper.

  5. Transfer the design

    Heat the iron to the settings included with the transfer paper. Place the design face down onto the onesie. Iron over the template, and then remove the backing. Repeat this process for all of the onesies.