How Do You Make Minor Repairs to Norelco Razors?


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To make minor repairs to Norelco razors, disassemble the razor to determine if the product requires replacement parts. Assembly instructions vary according to the model number, though many models have a release button near the razor blades for easy access to the razor's interior.

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Philips has several online stores that provide replacement parts or accessories for Norelco razors. The parts available in the store include head and blade sets, beard trimmers, power cords, and charge bases. The Philips support website provides instruction manuals for the maintenance of Norelco products by model number, along with details on how to replace specific parts of razors and shavers. If the problem with the razor is a warranty issue, the Philips website provides a physical address as well as mailing instructions to receive replacement parts.

In addition to offering parts, the Philips store provides battery installation service for electric shavers and beard trimmers. Philips recommends regularly cleaning electronic razors with cleaners designed for electronics to prevent problems. If the razor requires replacement, Philips provides total product protection with a service contract. Some additional benefits provided by a service contract include product replacement for malfunctioning razors and a 24-hour customer service line for claims and contract inquiries.

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