How Do You Make a Messy Bun Updo?

How Do You Make a Messy Bun Updo?

How Do You Make a Messy Bun Updo?

A messy bun updo should look styled without being over-groomed. To create a messy bun, you need a hair elastic, a teasing brush, dry shampoo, bobby pins and hairspray.

  1. Create texture

    If your hair is clean or very fine, use a dry shampoo or hair texture spray all over. This helps add volume to the look.

  2. Back comb the hair

    Use a teasing brush to back comb the sides and back of the hair near the roots, and then use the brush to smooth out the top layer of hair.

  3. Pull hair back

    Pull the hair into a ponytail at the crown, pulling it through the hair elastic until it's loosely secured. Create a doughnut shape out of the hair, and wrap the elastic over this until it is secure.

  4. Mess up the bun

    Pull on the bun until just the ends of the hair are secured by the elastic. Allow some shorter pieces to fall out. Spread the bun so that it lays in a styled knot on the crown of your head.

  5. Secure the knot

    Use bobby pins to secure the knot to the crown of your head. This adds support and keeps the bun in place. Use the pins to secure any excess strands of hair near the bun.

  6. Spray into place

    Use hairspray to flatten any wild hairs, especially around the face. If you have bangs, use the hairspray to secure them in a side sweep.