How Do You Make a Maxi Dress?

How Do You Make a Maxi Dress?

To make a maxi dress, take measurements for the pattern, and use these to draw a pattern on craft paper. Duplicate the pattern, and cut out both patterns from your chosen fabric. Sew the top and bottom hems, and stitch the side seams and shoulder fasteners together.

  1. Take measurements

    Measure from the midpoint of the shoulder to the bust point, the circumference of the bust, and the distance from the bustline to the desired length of the dress. Note the measurements.

  2. Prepare the paper

    Select a length of craft paper 18 inches wide and 4 inches longer than the dress. Draw a straight line down the center length. Draw another straight line crosswise 2 inches down from the top.

  3. Draw the pattern

    Starting at the intersection of the line, make a mark that equals the first body measurement. From there, draw a perpendicular line for the bust measurement, increasing the width by 2 inches. There should be equal distance on either side of the dress. Make a final mark for the measured length of the dress, adding 2 inches for the hem seam.

  4. Calculate the width

    Choose a skirt circumference between 72 and 82 inches, and divide that by four. Draw a line to that measurement at the hem.

  5. Draw the pattern

    Connect all the dots, and add a 1/2 inch to every line for the seam allowance. Duplicate the pattern.

  6. Cut the fabric

    Lay two pieces of fabric folded in half lengthwise on a flat surface. Place the centered line of each pattern on the fold. Cut out the patterns. You should have four triangles.

  7. Sew the side seams

    Using pins, join the side of each panel from the bustline to the hem with the right sides together. Mark the 1/2-inch seam, and sew along that line. Do this for all four triangles.

  8. Hem the top and bottom

    Mark the 1-inch seam, and press it flat. Sew this hem. Mark a 1-inch hem up from the bottom, and press.

  9. Attach the shoulders

    Wrap one of the points around a ring, and sew to secure. Wrap the opposite point around the same ring, and sew to form the shoulder. Repeat this procedure for the other shoulder.