How Do You Make Marble Nails?


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To make marble nails, apply a base coat, place drops of nail polish in a bowl of water, submerge the nails, clean the surrounding skin, and apply a clear top coat. This 20-minute process requires nail polish remover, a bowl, water, nail polish and cotton swabs.

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  1. Clean the nails

    Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover, and wipe it over the nails.

  2. Apply a base coat

    Paint the nails with a base coat. For a dramatic marbled effect, choose a white or black base. Give the base coat five minutes to dry.

  3. Prepare the marbling solution

    Fill a small bowl with warm water, and set it on your work surface. Select three or four nail polishes to create the marbling effect, set the bottles next to the bowl, and loosen their caps. Remove the cap from one bottle, and allow one or two drops of polish to fall into the water. Set the cap back on the bottle, but do not tighten it. Repeat with the other polishes.

  4. Marble the nails

    Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover, and set it near the bowl. Stick one finger into the marbling solution with the nail facing down. Submerge the nail, remove it, and wipe the surrounding skin with the cotton swab. Add more nail polish to the water, and insert the next nail. Repeat until all your nails are marbled.

  5. Apply a clear top coat

    Paint the nails with a clear top coat.

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