How Do You Make Macrame Belts?

How Do You Make Macrame Belts?

To make a macrame belt, choose cording that knots easily, attach it to a belt buckle and then begin knotting the cording in the desired pattern until the belt is complete. Use different colored cording to make interesting patterns and designs.

Many materials, from leather to jute or even ribbon, make good macrame belts but the method of construction is the same for all resources.

Step 1: Choose the belt material and cut to length

Start out with a long length of cording or rope so that there is enough material to work with. Cut to a length of 5 to 7 yards to start.

Step 2: Attach the cord to a belt buckle

The easiest method for this is a hitch knot. Take the cord, fold it in half and pass the looped end through a belt buckle. Bring the loose ends through the loop and pull to tighten. This doubles the cords used to make the belt.

Step 3: Start knotting the belt

Macrame uses a wide range of knots and knot combinations. Choose either simple knots or more complicated combinations to create a pattern. One simple pattern is to knot each cord end individually onto itself, then knot two cords side by side, then knot individually again. This alternates the knotting to provide a simple basket weave pattern.

Step 4: Continue knotting to the desired length

Stop periodically and measure the belt to get an idea of the length. Continue knotting until the belt reaches the desired length.

Step 5: Trim any excess cording

Once the desired length is reached, knot off the end and trim the cords, leaving enough length to pass through the belt buckle.