How Do You Make Long Hair Look Short?


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Making long hair look short usually involves faking a version of a bob haircut. This can be done by flipping the hair under, rolling it under or curling hair over a braided bun.

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To flip long hair under into a bob, start by pulling your hair back into two low ponytails. The hair should feel loose around the scalp. Flip each ponytail under, securing it with bobby pins. Pull the bottom of each apart slightly, and secure with a large bobby pin. Arrange the hair so that it looks like a bob that is curled under.

Another way to fake this look is by rolling the hair under. Clip the top half of the hair out of the way. Segment the bottom half into 2-inch sections, rolling each under and securing with bobby pins. Un-clip the top half of the hair so it cascades over the lower portion. If the hair is layered, the style is finished. Otherwise, flip and pin the hair under.

For a curly bob, section the hair in two as above. However, braid the bottom half, and secure it in a figure eight at the base of the neck with bobby pins. Let the top down, and curl the strands in alternating directions. This hairstyle only works with layered hair styles.

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