How Do You Make Your Lips Pink?

Give your lips a fresh, flattering shade of pink by applying your favorite pink lip product. Before putting it on, exfoliate and moisturize your lips to make sure that they look and feel healthy and plump.

  1. Exfoliate your lips

    Dead skin can build up on your lips, making them appear flaky and white. Use a lip scrub that contains vitamin E and an exfoliant to slough away skin cells from the surface of your lips. Removing dead skin also helps your lips hold color.

  2. Moisturize your lips

    Dry, chapped lips look white instead of a healthy pink. If your lips have cracks, smooth on a medicated lip balm. Otherwise, a moisturizing balm works well. Do not use heavily flavored lip products because they tempt you to lick your lips.

  3. Choose the right shade of pink

    Not all shades of pink flatter all complexions. If you have fair skin, choose a pink with peach, lilac or rose tints. Shades of pink with watermelon, caramel, nude and brown tones flatter medium and olive skin tones. For dark skin, bold and bright pinks work best, while neutral pinks make skin look ashy.

  4. Apply your lip product of choice

    If possible, avoid applying lip balm or color with your fingers. Instead, use a brush or sponge-tipped applicator to prevent transferring dirt or bacteria from your fingers and fingernails. Reapply throughout the day to ensure that your lips always look pink.